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The series

The content

The 4-part series explores the developing science of climate restoration - the removal of greenhouse gases that have been building up over the last two hundred years.  We present the people, their visions and stories, along with  four major nature-based technologies of carbon removal and methane oxidation which can make it happen.

Filmed completely on location across four continents Back to Our Future presents the science and the people where the challenges are, and where the work is being done. From the wreckage of hurricane Kate, to the thawing permafrost of the sub-arctic, to the cutting edge science of methane removal in Denmark and the Netherlands. 

The participants

Many of the top scientists, names and organizations working in the field of climate and ecosystem repair. From scientists, to policy makers, to activists, financiers, entrepreneurs and visionaries. View the list of people here.

The finances

What started out as a modest short film has developed into a 4-part series of one hour episodes due to the amount of information that needs to be shared on this vitally important subject. To date, we have raised $200,000 of the total budget of $540,000.  We continue to produce the series through a combination of personal gap-funding and deferments..

The empowerment

It's never too late to be wise

The ask and the benefits

All donations are gratefully received . If you are interested in making a donation of up to $900, click here to donate on our Go Fund Me site.

The messaging

If you are interested in making a donation of $1000 and up, please click here to donate on our partner page - a 501 C3 organization

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The benefits

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