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Our donors and ambassadors so far

It's not easy to drive profound societal and planetary change on a shoestring! We want to thank our wonderful donors, and our ambassadors in different cities around the world for their contributions of time, skill, insight and/or funding. 


Charlene Andrade

Anonymous (10)

Bud & Jackie Anderson

Richard J Baker, Jr

Jane Barnard

Timothy Barnard

Elizabeth Barrett

Cora Bow

Doris Brevoort, PhD

Charles Brown, PhD & Susan Brown

Christi L Carey

Julie Carpenter

ML de Bruyn

Julia Dederer

Kristofer Doerfler

Carole Douglis

Alexandra Dowling

Steven F Drury

Vicky S Drury

Sherri Dysart

Carol & Jeff England

Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky

Peter Garrett

Richard Garrett

Katherine Gold

Susan Gray

Sarah Hardy

Glynn C Hoener & Scott E Schuttner

Sam Humphries

Mary Jane Irelan

Frank James, MD

Kevin Kane

Gordon Keating

David Ketter

Michelle Li

Virginia Malmquist, PhD
Hollis C McLellan Unruh

Peter Paap

Marilyn Paul, PhD

Karen Plass

Islamiat Abi Raji, PhD

David Roberts, PhD & Allison Roberts

Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, PhD

Howard Sharfstein

Denise Sparrow

Shodo Spring

Jack Stanton

Casey & Lorna Stevens

Cynthia Tuthill, PhD
Will Whidbey

Jiasong Yuen

Taiming Yuen James and friend

and hundreds of wonderful friends attending our screenings who helped cover venue costs through door donations!

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